giovedì 26 aprile 2012

Contemporary food culture - Zeitgenössische Esskultur

Contemporary food culture - Zeitgenössische Esskultur 

The art of carving food. Use an idea to see something behind a static vegetable or fruit. Believe in your inspiration to animate everithing around. Fine selection from food art contest Berling facebook page.

Animate your fridge

home sweet home (broccoli)

Carrots attack

Modeling cheese

Chocolate clown

Banana attitude

Parmisan colosseum

Eggs decoration

Orange sculpture

Funny orange composition

Oreo decoration

Inspiration design

Animated vegetable

Piano sandwich

Star wars watermelon

watermelon bluesman

Inspiration design

Inspiration design wants to bring you, at your house, high quality wines, olive oil, Epicurean food in general. We are no restaurant: we are an online boutique of refined and ephemeral pleasures: excellent wines, …..


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